Apache County, AZ resident apprehended according to records

Local authorities in Apache County purportedly jailed Ruben Dominguez after the November 8, 2017 detainment

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In the News: Aric Shook's Cover Photo

Aric Shook was arrested October 31, 2017 in Apache County according to recently examined public records
In the News: Chrystal Pettis's Cover Photo

According to records, Chrystal Pettis of Apache County was arrested October 28, 2017 for a driving-related offense and later taken into custody
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More details of Thomas Noakes's October 26, 2017 arrest in Apache County have been published
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Apache County, Arizona officials apparently arrested Jonathan Bordwell for disorderly conduct after the October 21, 2017 detainment
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New details were released today shedding light on Jason Gatti's past criminal record. Learn about the October 20, 2017 arrest in Apache County, Arizona
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More details of Rodney Lilly's October 19, 2017 arrest in Apache County have been published
In the News: Leonard Demarco's Cover Photo

Officials busted Leonard Demarco after a particularly interesting encounter on October 17, 2017 in Apache County
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Records show Melissa Chavez of Apache County was taken into custody by Arizona officials following the October 16, 2017 encounter

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